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Crash of Temporalities

5.6.2021 bis 27.6.2021 Art Trace Gallery, Tokio

Ausstellungsbeteiligung von Katharina Gruzei

This group exhibition, consisting of works by 6 international artists + 1 collective (+3 members), is an attempt to explore the flow of their minds [thoughts/ feelings/ perceptions] at this hard time across the world. Like it or not, virtually no one can escape from the effect of Covid-19. We are all in it together, sharing this turbulent experience. Bringing together each of artists’ voices upon this global experiential platform, this show calls for ‘solidarity’ and ‘empathy’ against ‘isolation’, ‘division’ and ‘intolerance’ manifested and intensified by Corona every day.  

Back and Forth Collective [Mei Homma, Natsumi Sakamoto, Asako Taki]
+Dr. Jen Clarke, Fionn Duffy and Sarah McWhinney (Scotland & Japan)
Chris Hunter (Switzerland)
Katharina Gruzei (Austria)
Sena Başöz (Turkey)
Sonny Square/ Yoshimi Takata (Japan)
Terry-Dayne Beasley (Tokyo-resident Canadian)
Tuli-Gal Litvak (UK)