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Library use

To use the items inside the library you do not have to be registered or pay a fee.

To use the library services (borrowing, inter library loan) you have to register in the library once. For further information please see Borrowing.


Introduction courses

At the start of each semester there will be a guided tour at the opening day to get to know the university library.

Appointments for library introductions and search trainings can be made individually as well:
Email: bibliothek.leitung@ufg.at
Tel. +43 732 7898 2259 bzw. 2208



Please refer to our ballot box in the library, to state your content/discontent. Wishes of all kinds regarding the university library and ideas are wellcome as well.
It is also possible to deliver your feedback via Email.

Service hours
Monday        9 - 15
Tuesday       9 - 15
Wednesday   9 - 15
Thursday      9 - 15
Friday          9 - 15

Hauptplatz 8/I
4020 Linz
T: +43 (0)732 7898 2255