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Information on using the Electronic Journals Library

Electronic Journals Library

Electronic journals marked with the traffic light colour "yellow" can be used by members of the Kunstuniversität Linz (students and staff). On campus, access to the full texts of these journals is free; outside the university's premises, registration with the personal ufgOnline-Login is required in order to access the contents.

Notes on registration (authentication):
As soon as you click on a licensed electronic resource, a login window opens automatically. You log in with your ufgOnline-Login; no further installation measures are required. After authentication, you will be forwarded directly to the desired e-resource. No additional authentication within the current session is required to use additional resources. The login remains active as long as the browser is open. If you do not set any activity, access will automatically close after 15 minutes and you will need to log in again. Only if the displayed URL begins with "han-02.internet.ufg.ac.at..." are you connected via the authentication server (HAN) to the desired e-resource licensed by the Library of the University of Fine Arts.

External users of the University Library can use the licensed ("yellow") journals in the library rooms only.

For journals offered via JSTOR, the following applies: these are either journals that no longer appear - access to all volumes is possible here;
In the case of current journals, access is restricted to older volumes. In most cases, the current 6 volumes are not available (so-called "moving wall").

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Electronic Journals Library