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The library will be closed again from November 2
Service hours are Mo-Fr from 9 - 15

  • Loan requests either directly via the online catalog sub.ufg.at
    after "Sign In" with the option "Request" (active during closing period)
    or send an Email to bibliothek.service@ufg.at
  • we will inform you as soon as the books are available
  • call 0732 7898 2255 as soon as you arrive at Hauptplatz 8 and we will bring you the books

In all contact situations you must wear a nose-mouth-protection.

The library now works with its new operating system. This has also radically changed the search interface and can be reached at the new address sub.ufg.at or on the right under the button Online Catalogue. The login to the online catalog is now done with your ufg.online account with p1234 or m12345678 and the respective ufg.online password.
To find books you still have to note the location (open stacks, magazine, etc.) and the book number (AR 12345-A,1). If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Service hours
starting with
2. November 2020
Monday        9 - 15
Tuesday       9 - 15
Wednesday   9 - 15
Thursday      9 - 15
Friday          9 - 15

Hauptplatz 8/I
4020 Linz
T: +43 (0)732 7898 2255