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ab 23. Februar 2021 instagram.com/kunstunilinz

Karl Singline, Universitätsassistent der Creative Robotics, übernimmt den Instagram-Account der Kunstuniversität Linz.

Für ein paar Tage nimmt uns Karl Singline auf dem Instagram-Account der Kunstuniversität Linz mit in die Welt der Robotik.

Karl Singline is a graduate architect and roboticist from Australia. After graduating from the University of Tasmania with a Master of Architecture, where he played a key role in integrating a KUKA robotic arm into the curriculum for both the school of architecture as well as other faculties and community groups, he launched his popular YouTube channel with over 100,000 views, specializing in tutorials on visual programming and robotics. As a full-time researcher within Creative Robotics, Karl works on personal research as well as partnering with external industry partners to further explore new ways of adapting robotic technologies to architecture and other creative industries.

Here is an interview with Prof. Johannes Braumann on how to become a roboticist, what they do in Creative Robotics, where KUKA prc is going and all things about robotics.

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