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#4 Reflections on Cooperation after Disaster

6. Mai 2019, 17.00 bis 19.30 Uhr Kunstuniversität Linz, Hauptplatz 6, 4. OG, Sofa-Hörsaal

The renovation of a Community Center in Komye, Haiti

BASEhabitat lädt zur base Theorie - lecture series

Haiti was affected by a devastating earthquake in 2010 that shocked the world. The international aid community quickly run to the island. Konbit Shelter was a spontaneously organized movement of civilians who wanted to help, that aimed at fostering local economy, sovereignty and autonomy.
Tânia Teixera has been working with Konbit Shelter for several periods. She will tell the story of the renovation of the Community Center of Komye and raise questions about management of local resources, building with local materials, training local manpower, finding creative solutions to problems, creating designs that are adapted to the climate and to the culture and that are easily maintained.

Tânia Teixeira - Architect, Trainer and Researcher; collaborates with Oficinas do Convento ONGD where she founded BIØN - Building Impact Zero Network; and also with BASEhabitat and Heliotrope Foundation; apart from having her own practice in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal, focused on designing with a low environmental impact and a high social meaning.


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