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the review of abortion discourses through the prism of artistic practices

The course is aimed at starting and conducting the discussion on relations between abortion discourses and art. During the course the lecturer together with the students will look into abortion history, abortion laws and practices and their consequences for the civil society or human rights all over the world. We will discuss the art world positions toward abortion reality. In the centre of interest there will be artistic strategies of resistance, affirmation, monitoring, exposition etc. We will try answer the question if and how far the art practices should go into abortion issues, especially in the times of introducing more and more restrictive legal contexts. The students will have a proposition to prepare an artistic statement on the abortion momentum in Poland. The last unit of the course will be dedicated to the discussion on the students’ initial concepts and ideas. The deadline for specific propositions will be 3 months later. The best concepts could be presented in Warsaw.

7 times x 3 hours online and offline

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