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The class visited the Manifesta Biennial in June 2018, Manifesta12 “The Planetary Garden”, in Palermo.
“Throughout history, the city of Palermo has been a laboratory for diversity and cross-pollination.  Continuous migration – from the Ancient Greeks, the Arabs and the Normans to the recent arrival from Northern Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East – has constantly redefined the city and its people. Palermo’s streets, architecture, parks, cultural legacy and personal histories are the result of a long-lasting syncretism of cultures across the Mediterranean and beyond.” (Manifesta12 website)
The class also visited the Burri’s Cretto, one of the most well-known example of land art in the world, and the Greek temples sites of Segesta and Selinunte.
The class also took part of the performance by the Austrian art collective Club Fortuna in Palermo.

Foto © Jan Weiler