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Internet Yami-Ichi - Open Call

Shut down your computer and join the third edition of Internet Yami-Ichi in Linz on Saturday, September 12th from 12.00 to 19.00 at Kunstuniversität Linz in the frame of Ars Electronica Festival 2020.

What is Internet Yami-Ichi?
The Internet Yami-Ichi, from the Japanese "Internet Black Market", but also "sickness" and "addiction", is a flea market where people consumed by the Internet can share and buy Internet-related things in real life. In this weird market, you can browse through the booths and find the amazing and the useless - in an ironic and humorous atmosphere reminiscent of the early Internet era.

The Internet Yami-Ichi was created by the art collective IDPW, "a secret society on the Internet that goes back more than 100 years", and took place for the first time in Tokyo, in 2012. Since then many editions have been organized in several cities including New York, Seoul, Moscow, Madrid, Berlin and more.

Check out the Internet Yami-Ichi official website for more info: yami-ichi.biz 

Who can participate?
Everyone with brilliant ideas in materializing Internet goods and services can take part in this market. Vendors from previous editions sold rejected iOS apps, personal data in USB drives, meme-cookies, glitched embroidery on clothes, spam mail, computer generated cocktails, and many other unexpected things.


  • Your participation is free!
  • You can participate individually or as a group.
  • You will be in charge of the set up and the dismantling of your own booth.
  • The public event is from 12.00 to 9.00.
  • Vendors should arrive at least one hour before the event starts.
  • Sell Internet-related goods.
  • No dangerous, harmful or illegal stuff.
  • Set the price you prefer.
  • Bring your own cash change for your customers.


  • The organization will provide you with a table, a power outlet, chairs, wi-fi and ...
  • A festival accreditation for each vendor!
  • The event organizer will not take any responsibility for problems that individual participants may have.
  • If we have more applicants than the space can hold, participants may be selected by the organization.

Last but not least: Have fun!

Deadline: August 1st, 2020 | 12am (CET)

Send your proposal to yamiichilinz@gmail.com including:

  • First and last name (for groups, name each participant)
  • Your e-mail
  • Name of your booth
  • Links / pictures / short text about what you will sell
  • Link to your website / social media page

If you have any question send an email to yamiichilinz@gmail.com 

Open Call as PDF