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Institute of Space and Design

The degree programmes of the Institute of Space and Design at Kunstuniversität Linz are concerned with the design of the lived-in, built and constructed environment: “Architecture”, “Industrial Design”, “space&designstrategies” and “Fashion & Technology”.
The combination of these programmes and fields of knowledge offers students a wide range of courses and classes, releases unusual synergies and is a USP of Kunstuniversität Linz. Students from all over the world as well as international networks make the curricula of the Institute attractive partners for manifold projects and co-operation ventures with institutions active in the areas of art and culture, politics, industry and business. All four disciplines of study convey both basic and specialist knowledge through the project-oriented problems and questions addressed. Potential answers are verified and contextualised in interdisciplinary fashion, taking account of their technical, economic, ecological, social, artistic and cultural consequences. The University’s workshops, which are excellently appointed and supervised, ensure the successful interlinking of vision and realisation. Each of the degree programmes offers unique focuses and individual tutoring within the context of small teams.

The architecture programme comprising chairs for Architecture, Ubanism and Sustainable Architecture+Spatial Tactics offers a Bachelor curriculum with basic courses that leads up to a Master curriculum with the possibility of specialising in a variety of fields, above all in wood and timber construction (university diploma course “überholz”), architecture in developing countries (university diploma course “BASEhabitat”) and sustainability.

Industrial Design is aimed at the design and development of serial, innovative products that focus on people, technology and social developements. The theoretical knowledge acquired is in particular applied to concrete co-operation projects with industrial enterprises.

space&designstrategies, a new discipline set up in 2003 and unique in Europe, offers a curriculum at the interface of architecture, art, design and digital media. Phenomena in both real and virtual space are analysed, defined and implemented. A characteristic of this integrated, project-based programme is that practical projects are already implemented during the study course.

Fashion & Technology The world of fashion is currently undergoing a dramatic change. Fashion is increasingly becoming a disposable product manufactured under inhuman conditions, with production cycles that become obsolete in no time. The idea of fashion in combination with technology is quickly raising questions of privacy, body optimisation or ecology. The aim of the training is to prepare the students for the newly emerging requirements and professional profiles in the intertwined area of fashion and technology.

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Head of Institute
Univ.-Prof. Mag. art. Ute Ploier

Deputy Head of Institute
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christiane
Univ.-Prof. DI PhD. Michael Zinner

MMag. Karin Schneider
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